My name is Kimberly Gable, a self-taught artist, and I work directly with natural wood pieces found from fallen or cut trees, damaged limbs, fence posts or anything else wooden that has become someone else’s trash and turn it in to a beautiful piece of art showcasing the beauty of the wood once again as it should be shown.

My work has been showcased in Terra Studios Art Studio in Fayetteville, Arkansas, Critical Mass 6 in Shreveport, Louisiana, as well as various other art and craft fairs throughout Arkansas and Louisiana. A few of my favorites would be the Texas Avenue Maker’s Fair and even an appearance at the Downtown Artwalk in Shreveport, Louisiana. My work has also been featured in Pyrography Magazine.

As well as woodworking, I also enjoy spending my time painting with acrylics, drawing with graphite pencils, and photographing nature.

I am a local to Shreveport, Louisiana where I live and work. Although I have traveled around South Louisiana, Tennessee and Arkansas throughout the past 7 years, I am happy to be back home where I belong and sharing my love for art with everyone I come in contact with.